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Hey there,

I’m Niko – a creative researcher with a Psychology background in defining the cognitive methods behind design, perception, and the end-user. My background includes extensive research experiences, from end-to-end research processes, reporting to all levels of stakeholders, and working with a variety of departments.

Growing up, I found myself in art and creativity in all sorts of mediums from drawing, writing, to designing my room for more space for activities. However, I had an innate curiosity for what influenced our behaviors & how we connected: the mind - I therefore chose to study psych and neuroscience, but always felt my creative side wanting to climb back up.

That is when, one day, we had a career seminar explaining the field of UX or (psych in tech). I was sold from then on and finally felt a career path I was not only passionate about, but eager to learn more.

I have been able to explore since by gaining skills in Adobe Creative Suite, web development, and even start my own design freelancing to pay for school. UX has offered a perfect combination of my passions for design, psychology, and business and put me in a spot to meet amazing people and learn more exciting technology everyday!


Academic Innovation Award
Honors Graduate


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Target Corp Goose Loonies cafe smitten cSUB Filos inc mindme ubc Target Digital portfolio filos inc

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